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Courties™ Leggings-Sale

$ 69.00 $ 89.00


The Original Courties™are the tennis legging re-invented, you are going to love them. In this Bobbe exclusive, we have created the most layerable leggings out today. Made with our luxurious UPF 50+ sculpt jersey.  Designed with an extra low rise, Courties® layer perfectly under all your tennis skirts with built-in skorts. Your skorts will now lay flat, giving you the most unbelievably comfortable fit. (Folding waist bands are so last year, no more wearing leggings under your skort!) With its sensual capri length, Courties™ can also be worn alone with any Bobbe top. And, wait for it, our ingeniously designed ball pocket - featuring a matte-coated expandable mesh that repeats at the hem - gives you that little extra something to play with, right at your fingertips. Cleverly tucked on both sides of the tush, barely perceptible, it's the easiest and sexiest ball pocket out there!